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Finance & Policies

Parish expenditure is funded by the precept received from Suffolk Coastal District Council annually.  The Parish Council sets its budget in November and a precept request is agreed in January.  Precepts are funded from Council Tax, the amounts requested by Parish Councils affects the Council Tax base.

Finances are reviewed at each ordinary meeting. The Financial Statements demonstrates expenditure, expenditure due, and receipts. Expenditure against the budget is also monitored.

At each financial year end the Parish Council is duty bound to appoint an Internal Audit and submit its accounts for External Audit.  The findings of the Internal Audit supports the information required for the subsequent External Audit.

Policies adopted by Easton Parish Council:

Code of Conduct (approved 15 January 2024)

EPC Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (approved 20 November 2023)

Statement of Internal Controls and Report (approved 18 September 2023)







Transparency Code

COVID risk assessment 2021/22

EPC GDPR Policy 2019