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Neighbourhood Plan For Easton

The aim of a Neighbourhood Plan is to make decisions for future sustainable, economic, environmental and social development for future generations of our village, as such Easton Parish Council has decided to conduct a Neighbourhood Plan for Easton.  The Neighbourhood Plan can help protect our historic and environmental assets alongside nominating type, and positioning of areas for development for housing and businesses which will respect the geographical situation of Easton for future generations.

The Neighbourhood Plan must have community involvement and we would like as many members of the community as possible to put forward their views, hopes and aspirations. Questionnaires and events will be arranged for this purpose. The Neighbourhood Plan can then reflect the communities’ stake in its future. Involvement and support of the community is very important.

The Neighbourhood Plan will provide legal policies that are unique to Easton and which must be observed by the Local Planning Authority as they look to increase business and housing supply.

The Parish Council is the lead authority and has appointed the Places4People Planning Consultancy to lead and guide the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Please contact: - Chair - sue.e.piggott@btinternet.com – 01728 746622

The SCDC Neighbourhood Planning portal with details can be found on http://www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/planning/neighbourhood-planning/neighbourhood-plans-in-the-area/easton-neighbourhood-area

Latest News

Summer Event - Saturday July 21st 2018

The Neighbourhood Plan Summer Event took place on Saturday July 21st, despite the extreme heat of the day, many people apologising for not being able to attend due to leaving on the school holiday exodus, and the Fram show it was so good to welcome a steady stream of just over 65 people throughout the afternoon. The Historic exhibition produced and manned by Brian Boon was very popular, the Archaeological  Services display, film and talk giving details of the finds and dig prior to the Hopkins Homes being built, was well received, and the display boards showed the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan, including the results of the Household Questionnaire. Very positive comments were received and the next community engagement event is likely to be towards the end of the year prior to the draft policies being prepared to submit for examination by SCDC.

Summer event 5  Summer event 10  Summer event 6

Summer event 4  Summer event 2  Archaeology display board 3

   Thank you

To all those who filled in their Questionnaire. A healthy 67% of households are represented by the Questionnaires that have been returned which is well above average for Neighbourhood Plan surveys countrywide. All the sealed envelopes are with the appointed Market Research company who will data analyse and produce a results report. The results will help form the evidence to support the policies that will produce the Easton Neighbourhood Plan.

The Summer Event to be held on July 21st will have a Prosecco and Canape’s theme. The results of the Questionnaire and progress of the Plan will be displayed. There will be an interactive display illustrating the History of Easton and the Hamilton family.

There will also be an Archaeological Exhibition. SCC Archaeological Services will man a display table with the most important Archaeological finds along with a record of all finds found during the survey prior to the Hopkins Homes estate being built, there will be a short film showing the dig followed by question time

Launch Event - Saturday January 21st 2018

The Neighbourhood Plan Launch Event, held on Saturday January 21st 2018, attracted almost a third of the village, despite the terrible weather. A hot cuppa and cake were served, and a steady stream of visitors welcomed in. The interactive display boards created much interest. Many expressed their thanks, and look forward to the Neighbourhood Plan being produced for the Parish.

Launch event photo.2   Launch event photo 1