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Easton Parish Council is an East Suffolk Counci lconsultee for all planning applications in the Parish. The Parish Council discusses all planning applications at council meetings and then submits its response to SCDC. All applications are determined by SCDC. Applicants and anyone interested are encouraged to attend Parish Council meetings where an opportunity is always given to applicants and members of the public present to comment.

The LOCAL PLAN adopted September 2020 can be found by clicking the following link https://www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy-and-local-plans/suffolk-coastal-local-plan/adopted-suffolk-coastal-local-plan/

To find East Suffolk guidance on how to respond to Planning Applications please view this East Suffolk Power Point- How to Frame Responses

SCDC posts all planning applications on its website, where interested parties can view documents and plans.
Click on the link below to view planning applications.

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Conservation Area

A substantial part of Easton is a Conservation Area.  There are many listed buildings in the parish generally.  To view the most recent conservation appraisal document for Easton see 'Document' box.

Planning policy documents

These contain information that explains the policies that are used by SCDC for decision making and determination of Planning Applications.  They also explain how the authority is working towards meeting targets for increased housing stock in towns and villages within the district. These can be found in SCDC 'Local Plan' - Government 'National Planning Policy Framework'

General Planning Information

Click on the link below to access Suffolk Coastal District Council Planning's web page, which has information about the planning process, planning applications, planning policy, heritage and more. http://www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/planning/

SCDC Local Plan Review

The present Local Plan covers the period 2013 to 2027, the review will take the plan to 2036This will influence the development of Easton for the future. The core development area is critical to the decision on numbers mandated to villages and towns.  For more information see SCDC Notice and Press Release which gives the details of how to take part.