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This website allows you to look at information concerning Easton Parish Council. For information about the village and community of Easton, please go to the village community website, this has information on the Village, News and Events, Church, Village Hall, Cricket club and activity groups.

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Easton Parish Council is one of over 8,000 councils in England. Most parish councils were established in 1894 by an Act of Parliament. This created the civil parish, separating it from the church after a long history of delivering local services such as care for the poor, maintenance of roads and collecting taxes. Local councils are public bodies. They are the first tier of government – the closest tier to the people and embedded within their communities. They have extensive statutory powers that they have discretion to use and are subject to standards and policies that govern their procedures. The diversity of parish councils is their strength. Each can make a unique response to the needs of their community with a sensitivity that is more difficult for more remote organisations.  

Easton countryside view 2Easton village is set in beautiful countryside between Wickham Market and Framlingham on the River Deben.  A substantial part of Easton is a Conservation Area and the village has a Church, a Pub, Primary School, Village Hall, Easton Harriers Hunt Kennels, Cemetery,  a rare Crinkle Crankle wall and Easton Farm Park.   Easton is the former estate village of Easton Park, and seat of the Duke of Hamilton. There are many examples of heritage vernacular architecture, with many buildings being listed.

All these  important assets help to make Easton a beautiful place in which to live or work and to visit.

Easton Crinkle Crankle Wall

Useful Public Service Information for Easton can be found by clicking on this link to find details for Policing, Highways, Flooding, Waste disposal etc.