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Next Scheduled Meetings 

4th May 2021 at 7.45pm - Annual Parish Council Meeting - via zoom - click here for the agenda 

27th May 2021 - Annual Parish Meeting (Village Meeting)

15th July 2021 - Ordinary Meeting

16th Sept 2021 - Ordinary Meeting

18th Nov 2021 - Ordinary Meeting

In line with government restrictions and guidelines - meetings will need to take place 'virtually'.

Meetings will be virtual via'Zoom',  if you wish to join/attend please follow the instructions, you will then receive the invite link from the Clerk to be able to join the meeting on the night.

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Easton residents are welcomed and encouraged to attend meetings and can speak regarding Agenda items during the public forum at the beginning of each meeting. During this forum reports can be heard from the District and County Councillors. The rest of the meeting forms the business of the Parish Council.  Members of the public are welcome to stay, with the exception of confidential items, but may not contribute unless invited to do so by the Chair. Please be aware that filming and other reporting might take place at the meeting.

Extraordinary Meetings

Extraordinary Parish Council meetings are convened usually to meet the submission of a Planning Application response deadline, but also, matters of urgency that may arise.

Notice and Minutes

Agendas for all meetings are placed on the Parish Council notice board situated in the village car park and online (see 'In this section'). Agendas are usually published a week in advance with a minimum of 3 days in advance.  Minutes of Parish Council meetings are placed on the Parish Council notice board and online, see  'In this section'.  A hard copy can be obtained from the Clerk upon request.